Why not pop over to Brixham one Sunny afternoon and visit the new statue over there. It’s truly amazing and it’s on the right hand side of the harbour. I was blown away when I first saw it. It honours those lost at sea and cost £76,000.
The money was raised over a 10 year period thanks to the hard work of Victoria Bowen and many of the other 17,000 residents and holiday makers.
Did you know 83 Commercial fishermen have died over the last decade in Great Britain in pursuit of The Silvery Harvest as they call the catch in Brixham? The life size statue of a man and boy is cast in bronze and was sculpted by the Yorkshire Artist Elisabeth Hadley who has lived and worked in Brixham for the last 19 years and can be seen in her studio on Horsepool Street – TQ5 9LD.
Why not have some Fish and Chips when in Brixham to honour our fishermen? I strongly recommend to go to Brixham Fish in the Harbour which is run and owned by Gary. The fish are out of this world.

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