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In today’s society, tattoos are extremely popular. More and more people are decding to get “inked”, and Torquay is no different. Unfortunately, when we are younger or in a funny frame of mind, we might decide to get a tattoo of something that we later regret.

Fortunately, as technology evolves, so does tattoo removal technology. With the Q-Switched Laser, it’s possible to get rid of unwanted tattoos.

This is the Torquay Online business hub page for tattoo removal services in Torquay. Every business on here will be qualified and insured to remove your tattoos in the safest manor possible. It is extremely important that you choose a removal service who does have the qualifications, so make sure you check vigorously before deciding on who to use. Always ask for reviews, and see if you can find images of their previous work.

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Regret Me Not Laser Tattoo Removal

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07990 069233

Hi my name is Layla and I’m a qualified trained specialist in laser tattoo removal.

After successfully completing a qualification in Aesthetic Laser IPL Core Of Knowledge with Intermed clinical ltd, I then went on to complete training in an Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Masterclass at the Lorena Oberg Skincare Academy, London. One of the leading experts in aesthetic laser technology.

I have many years experience within the beauty industry. Whilst working as a PA in Semi Permanent Makeup, I encountered many clients that had been subjected to mistakes made by tattoo practitioners.

I decided to research the different techniques used to remove ink pigment from the skin and discovered Q switched laser technology was the most effective and safest way to remove ink without damaging the surrounding tissues of the skin. My Derma Erase machine is very effective at removing the ink but is also considerably mild to the skin.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or send me a photo of your unwanted tattoo, I’m more than happy to help.

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Here’s what some of Regret Me Not’s customers have said about them…

I’ve had laser tattoo removal done by Layla on my hand and I’ve had my first carbon facial done by her today.
The tattoo removal worked so well, it’s faded loads after just 2 sessions! It was painful but completely bearable, booked in for my third in two weeks! 
The carbon facial I absolutely loved! The procedure was unlike anything I’ve had done before, it was warm but not painful at all. The texture of my skin feels so smooth now and it looks more fresh and bright! I’m booked in again for this too! Can’t wait to see the long term results!
Layla is very professional and friendly, very happy with the service she provides and couldn’t recommend her enough! Thank you Layla xxx

Sofia Vicente

Had a carbon facial today and it was a lovely experience! Layla was professional and funny and so sweet. The treatment was great and Layla was very informative and helpful throughout! I highly recommend and will be going back for another soon 

Roxx Walker

amazing service, can’t believe how painless it was  thankyou xx

Mike Bower

Just had a lovely carbon facial with regret me not. My skin walking in was dull and now looks and feels fresh and feels really nice and soft and that’s only after 1 treatment.

Layla is super professional and friendly. I have also booked in for tattoo removal to and really looking forward to my next facial

Tanya Mitchell