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Find Pregnancy Care in Torquay

Pregnancy is one of the most important times of our lives – both for the parents and the child. There are a number of businesses and organisations out there that can help you through pregnancy – before and afterwards – to ease you through the process as comfortably as possible.

Torquay’s Pregnancy Care Providers

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The Daisy Foundation

07413 436997

I’m Kate and I’m your local teacher for The Daisy Foundation.

I cover the whole of the Torbay and from the Spring I shall be able to offer you the whole perinatal package, offering you and your growing family support from bump through to 2 years post birth.

I first found The Daisy Foundation back in 2012 while pregnant with my first son. I absolutely loved the classes and all it had to offer! I went into labour feeling calm, confident and prepared with a toolbox full of information to allow me the best labour for both me and my son.

I then went back to The Daisy Foundation in 2015, so that I was able to surround myself and my second son with the Daisy love and relaxation that I had with my first. For me, this time it was special one-to-one time with my bump.

Fast forward to 2018 and I finally raised the money to start my training as a Daisy Foundation Teacher! I am truly passionate about The Daisy Foundation and all it has to offer. I’m excited that I am able to bring it to the Bay, allowing more mothers to participate and make lifelong friends with babies of a similar age.

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BabyMoon Torbay and South Devon

07403 404054

Maternity and postnatal services to include pump hire, pool hire and workshops offering a holistic view towards pregnancy, labour and birth.

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