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Getting in shape can be hard. That’s why sometimes it’s a good idea to trust a professional to help you along the way. This is the Torquay Online directory page for personal trainers in Torbay. Torbay has a number of qualified personal trainers who can push you into getting into perfect shape for whatever reason.

You might be looking for some basic training or a schedule, or even a 12 week challenge. These Torbay personal trainers can help you in whatever you’re looking for.

If you’d like us to find a personal trainer for you, that’s no problem. If you fill out the contact form below with what kind of thing you’re looking for, we’ll get in touch with the trainers you know and find the best one for you.


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If you are a local personal trainer and you don’t find yourself on this list, worry not. Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss adding you to it. If you are on here and would like to expand your listing to include things such as reviews, address, website, Facebook etc then we can also help. Send an email to to see what we can do for you.