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With the cost of salons always going up and life being busy, sometimes it’s a good idea to use a mobile hairdresser. There are many fully qualified mobile hairdressers in Torbay who can make your hair look fabulous without even having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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KP Hair Design

KP Hair Design Torquay

KP Hair Design is a local mobile hair stylist in Torbay with an excellent reputation among her customers. See her work below and give her a call if you need someone to do your hair but you would prefer the comfort of your own home…

Images of KP Hair Design’s Work

Here’s what some of KP Hair Design’s customers have said about her…

This girl will make you feel wonderful! Katie has a pure talent when doing hair. The amount of times I have said ‘You do what ever you think I need’ and I’ve never walked away disappointed!

Not only that she makes you feel welcomed and that you can trust her with your locks!

Paris Selley

Without hesitation I recommend this incredible lady, she has a huge skill base, particularly with the vulnerable. She makes you feel a million pounds and always has a smile to share. What a service and one you won’t regret!

Selena Askew

Katy never fails to disappoint! Been using Katie for years very reliable and professional

Pam Clarkson

Katie is amazing …. goes out of her way to help anyone and is fully professional

Highly Recommended

Nicole Stapleton