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Running a car can be tough. Not only does it cost a lot to run, but sometimes things can go wrong – not to mention the need for servicing and MOTs. This is the Torquay Online directory page for car mechanics in Torbay.

If you’re looking for a car garage to fix an issue with your car in Torbay or for a servicing or MOT, this is the right page for you. Look at the Torbay mechanics below and one of them will be able to help you out.

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Torbay’s Car Mechanics and garages

If you are a local car mechanic and you don’t find yourself on this list, worry not. Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss adding you to it. If you are on here and would like to expand your listing to include things such as reviews, address, website, Facebook etc then we can also help. Send an email to to see what we can do for you.