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Even though we always do our best to promote our members and help find more business for you, there are times when we need to let our hair down too.

This Saturday I decided to go to the Haywain in Chelston with a few friends to watch the Pig Racing.

Although I was sure this involved some kind of pig (real or fake), I wasn’t quite sure exactly what the night would involve. But I can say to anyone that hasn’t been to the Haywain before or hasn’t been to watch Pig Racing, that it’s an entertaining night that’s definitely worth attending.

I have only been staying in Chelston for a month or so, and Saturday night was only my third visit to the Haywain. As local pubs go, they have a good crowd and a great atmosphere, and there’s always something going on Saturday nights there. The landlady, Lynne Swift, is very friendly and popular among locals, and she’s doing a great job of running the place.

Now to the pig racing…

I was a little bit upset when I found out that the pig racing didn’t involve real pigs – they were replaced by smaller, cuddly versions. But by the time the festivities began, this didn’t really matter.

Basically, there were a number of pig races where the winner was completely random. Customers could bet £1 on which pig they thought would win, with a lot of the money going to charity.

As someone who enjoys a bet, I gambled, and lost, on a few of the bets, but I’m glad it all went to a good cause.

The races were commentated on by Aidy Bing, an entertaining guy in a Wurzel Gummidge wig, who brought his own style of comedy to the races and made the night even more unforgettable.

So all in all – despite losing on a few races, it was a very entertaining evening. Get down to the Haywain on a Saturday night for a cracking local pub experience!

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