In this day and age, everyone is looking for reviews on places before they decide to go there for food or drinks. The catch 22 is, if you don’t have many reviews, you might always struggle to get people in your establishment above a competitor who has double the amount of reviews that you have.

That’s why Torquay Onlne is offering to come and visit your bar or restaurant and give you an in depth review of your place and what’s on offer.

How it works

Although Torquay Online is new, I’m planning on building a following that overtakes the other local news websites. Because it’s new, at present, we will do these reviews for free.

If you are interested, email us at

and let us know a time when will be best for our visit (2 of us).

If you are a bar, our visit will consist of us sitting down for a couple of hours and getting a feel of the general atmosphere of the place. We’d like to talk to either the owners or the manager of the place to find out the backstory and see what special nights are available. We’ll also take a few photos of the place.

Once it’s over we will write an honest review of your bar.

With a restaurant, we’ll come in, order a meal and once again try to have a chat with the owners or manager to find out as much about the place as possible. We’ll take photos and sample a mixture of food.

As opposed to some reviews that put an emphasis on taste only, we are going to be focusing just as much as atmosphere, as we are firm believers that it is just as important as the way things taste.

After our night we will write our review.

Please note, we will not write a bad review of anywhere. If there are elements we don’t like about our visit, we will concentrate on including things that we did like. If we don’t like anything about our visit which is very unlikely, we just won’t talk about it.

Costs involved

As previously mentioned, at the moment, there is no monetary cost included. The only cost involved is to cover our meal or drinks for the evening, which can be negotiated beforehand. We feel it’s a small price for putting your establishment in the public eye.

Please email us if this is of interest to you –


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