I’m sure you remember our recent competition with Route 16 as it was only a month ago. Well, we have some good news and some even better news for you.

The good news is that we’re teaming up with Route 16 for a competition AGAIN! The better news is that this time, there won’t just be one winner. There will be 10.

As something completely, totally and exclusively new to Torquay Online and Route 16, we are going to try something different.

Although our last competition was great – we managed to reach over 14,000 people and received almost 300 shares – Torquay Online doesn’t just want to do the same thing as everyone else. The like, share and comment method still works for increasing reach, but we want to be more creative than that, so we’ve come up with something new and exciting. Here’s how it works.

Share the post and like Route 16

So the first part is exactly the same. We will share the post on our page, and to enter this competiton, you must also share it. The competition is for you guys but it’s also a way to spread the word about Route 16, so it is essential that you like their page. You might already like it, which is great.

Go into Route 16 and say the password to one of the bar staff 

The next step is to go into Route 16 and say the secret password to the bar staff. If you say the right word and 10 prizes haven’t been claimed, you will be able to claim a prize. The secret password is:


5 Rules to entering

Before we get to the fun bit, we have to go through the rules to entering.

The first rule is that you have to buy something in order to enter the competition. Just coming into a place to win a prize is fun, but as Route 16 are giving away so much, it is a lot nicer to buy something before entering.

The second rule is that you can only enter the competition once per group of people. This is to stop 10 people coming in, buying a drink each and then winning all the prizes. It’s nice to share, which is why this rule stands.

The third rule is that you must be over 18 to enter.

The fourth rule is that you must follow every step in order to enter the competition.

And the fifth and final rule is that sadly, there are only 10 prizes available. Once these are gone, the competition is over. We will publish when the final prize has been won to avoid any confusion.

The Prizes

Massive credit goes to Route 16 for offering such amazing prizes in this competition. Normally businesses are only offering one great prize – they are offering 10. If you are one of the 10 first entrants to use the secret code, you will be awarded with one of the following:

free meal for 2

25% off meal

free pint/glass of wine x2

£30 bar tab

Free Starter with Meal for two

Free Dessert with Meal for two

2 for 1 Drink

2 for 1 Meal

Free Fish and Chips from Drakes

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are some amazing prizes that anyone would be lucky to win. The competition begins now, so if you’d like to be considered for a prize, better find out that secret code.

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