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As the #1 hub for local people in Torbay, we’ve decided to start a new feature celebrating local weddings. We’ve been wanting to do this for a while but we’ve just been so busy with other things that this is our first opportunity to do so.

This first wedding post celebrates the marriage of Sarah and Abi Jones.

Sarah and Abi first met at Bridgewater College in their first year and became best friends. After an online conversation a couple of years later, it turned out they both had feelings for each other. They started to become more than friends but kept it quiet for a while.

After a while, their friends and families found out so they made it official.

The Proposal

Abi knew how important asking Sarah’s parents was to her so she did that whilst Sarah was away on holiday.

She proposed to Sarah in Leicester Square during the film premier for San Andreas. In Sarah’s words…

“We were stood at the back of the crowd and she had her hand in her pocket so as I joke said “what you got in your pocket Abi?” And when I looked back at her, she started to tell me what I meant to her and asked me to marry her.

It was strange because there were hundreds and hundreds of people all shouting and screaming at the celebrities on the red carpet, but I couldn’t hear or see anything except Abi in that moment.”

The Wedding

Their wedding was in 26th April 2019 at Bickley Mill. There were 27 guests for the ceremony and approximately 55 for the evening. It was a small and very personal wedding which they both wanted. They wrote their own vows for the occasion.

Abi’s brother then did a mash up of their favourite David Guetta songs that they did a silly dance to.

Take a look below at some images of their special day…

Suppliers used for the wedding:

Cake – Ben’s Bakes

Photographer – Daniel Standerwick

Flowers – Rose Buds

Sarah’s Dress – Brides at Waterfields

Abi’s Dress – 14 and Sixpence in Taunton

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