**This week’s Wolf of Wellswood column is about one of the greatest people to ever come from our town – the world renowned author Agatha Christie. Let us know what you think of the article, and if you really like it (I’m sure you will), please share it!**

Agatha was born in Torquay Devon on 15th of September 1890 and was brought up in the family home called Ashfield on Barton Road with her parents, older brother Monty and older sister Madge.

Ashfield was sadly pulled down in the Sixties to the diappointment of Agatha. A blue plaque has been erected and can be seen near Moorhaven Holiday Flats.

Agatha married Archie Christie on Christmas Eve 1914 and had their Honeymoon in The Grand Hotel Torquay. A hotel which is still open today.

During the First World War, Agatha served in a Devon Hospital looking after troops returning from the trenches.

After the War, Agatha and Archie moved to London. In 1918, she gave birth to her daughter Rosalind back at her childhood home in Torquay.

In 1928 Agatha divorced Archie for his infidelity. Agatha married again in 1930 to Max Mallowan and they were together until her death .

During World War 2, Agatha worked as an assistant pharmacist in London during the Blitz. It was during this time that she gained a good knowledge of all poisons to be featured in her future novels.

Author and playwright Agatha wrote 66 detective stories, 14 short stories as Agatha Christie and 6 romance stories under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott.

Her work has been translated into 103 languages in total and has sold over 2 billion copies of her books worldwide.

Her books have sold so many copies that she has been featured in theĀ Guinness Book of RecordsĀ as the world’s best-selling author.

miss marple and hercule poirot

Her sales are still bringing in millions in royalties every year and only the Bible has sold more copies than Agatha’s books. Her best selling novel was “And then there were none”, which has sold over 100 million copies. That’s 1666 times the population of Torquay!

Her fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are two of her most famous fictional detective characters.

Agatha’s holiday home, Greenway House, can still be seen today kind courtesy of the National Trust. The home is full of her extensive family collections.

Agatha sadly died 12th January 1976 in Oxfordshire, but her legend, her novels and her characters are still burning brightly today. She is still much loved by the people of Torquay.

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