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Whenever you’re sailing or walking in The Bay, you can’t miss seeing the little island and probably wonder what it is? As some of you probably already know, it’s called Thatcher Rock. That’s not Thatcher’s Rock, as most people say, and it’s nothing to do with our former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Thatcher Rock is located 300 yards from the shore on Meadfoot Beach. The rock is 43 metres high. On the rock there is a beach, but the beach is 25 ft above todays sea level. This is because of an Ice Age over 2 million years ago.

The rock is inhabited today by proper seagulls who eat fish and not the lazy ones you see in the harbour that try to steal your chips. Thatcher Rock is Middle Devonian Limestone, which is exactly the same kind of stone as Berry Head in Brixham.

To get the best possible land view of the rock, you need to go up Isham Marine Drive close to Meadfoot Beach. There you will be amazed at the beauty of this breathtaking scenic area with some of the most fabulous houses in the entire Bay – some valued at north of £3 million!

It’s a great walking area and you’ll be truly impressed at the view of the rock. The cliffs are steep, so great care needs to be taken if you decide to explore. The whole area is very special and it has a mystical and magical feel to it.

Folklore has it that a mad monk lived on the rock. He would live on a diet of fish and seagulls and had to rely on the rain water from the rock pools in order to survive. He was loved by the locals, with special boat trips arranged to see him and people throwing gifts to him on the rock.

Some locals say to their children that the rock is Neverland where Peter Pan lives. Others say it reminds them of Tracy Island from Thunderbirds.

The official reason as to why it’s called Thatcher Rock is because if you look at the Rock from a right angle there is a small outcrop that looks like a Thatcher working on the roof of a Devon Cottage.

Go and see it from Ilsham Marine Drive. You will not be disappointed.

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