Happy Friday! This is our weekly post by the famous Wolf of Wellswood. Every week the Wolf will write a well-research post about something interesting in Torquay’s history. This week’s post is about Torquay-born comedian Peter Cook.

We are so very proud of our Peter in The Bay. Peter Cook was born in Torquay on 17th November 1937 at his parents home on Middle Warberry Road.

Peter had two younger sisters and he went to Pembroke College Cambridge University to study French and German and had hoped to become a Diplomat like his Father. However, he soon realised that this would be rather boring so got into comedy instead.

He was a Comedian , Actor , Satirist , Author and starred in many T.V. shows, including:

Beyond the Fringe

That was the week that was

Not only but also

He also ran several clubs and was heavily involved with Private Eye. He starred in 24 films, wrote many books and recorded a number of funny records – the most popular being Derek and Clive in the 70’s that he recorded with his good pal Dudley Moore.

He was married three times, with his last wedding being in 1989 at the Oldway Mansion Paignton. He loved wedding cake, confetti and a bloody good party.

He went on to become Britains greatest comedian and has been such a big influence on so many of todays comics. He was recently voted Comedians’ Comedian by over 300 professional comics, which shows how highly thought of he was. He was pure genius.

He was a big fan of Torquay United and often wore their scarf during his live performances. In recent years two blue plaques have been unveiled one at his birth place in Middle Warberry Road and one at his beloved Torquay United Football club at Plainmoor. I’m sure he’d be devastated at the way they’re currently playing.

He wasn’t materialistic and often said he derived ‘happiness’ through his friends, especially Stephen Fry and Eric Idle, who were two of his closest.

His wife wasn’t too happy with his late night ravings at home in Hampstead London , so he bought the house next door for her and had a door fitted between the two houses so they could meet and eat and more when things cooled down.

Peter sadly died on the 9th January 1995 age 57 of Liver disease as he often enjoyed a quick chuckler.




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