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**After a few months away, the Wolf of Wellswood is back! He has written a post about why people would like to visit and relocate to our amazing town!. Read and share if you like it!**

Many UK holiday resorts have suffered from a bad reputation over the years due to poor weather, pebbly and dirty beaches and often polluted and cold seas.

However, just off the English Channel in South Devon, a resort called Torquay can be found and it’s a truly amazing place. In the past people used to love to underrate the town, but those who have lived here and visited over the years will tell you how amazing it is!

To give you an idea of Torquay’s location, it’s 102 nautical miles to Jersey, 35 miles to Cornwall, 2 hrs 47 mins to London by train and 23 miles to Exeter. Major investments have come into the town over the last five years and we feel this has to be put down to the new £110 million, 3.4 mile long Torbay and Newton Abbot bypass at Kingskerswell.

The traffic flow has improved immensly, with 35,000 vehicles using the new road every day. The bypass has encouraged business confidence and has improved travelling for the 130,000 inhabitants of Torbay.

With it’s 22 miles of unbelievable coastline and great geography with lovely views vistas and panoramas, cliffs caves,wooded forests, sandy beaches and turquoise waters it truly is a place to visit.

Torquay has some of England’s longest hours of Sunshine per day with Spring starting around four weeks earlier and Summer lasting another four weeks in comparison to many other parts of the United Kingdom.

Torquay’s has a mild Microclimate due to the steep hills of South Hams which protects iit from Dartmoor and the Atlantic and also has the added benefit of being warmed by the Gulf Stream.

Torquay official town motto in Latin is

Venit aestus subsisto fatigo pro” which when translated means “come for the weather, stay for the cream teas.”

The harbour area has a Monte Carlo feel and the vegetation especially the Torbay Palms give the town an exotic look. Torquay also has the highest cliff top promenade in England at Babbacombe and you can stroll along the promenade from the Babbacombe Theatre to the Oddicombe Cliff Railway catching all the coastal views of East Devon from Exmouth to the Isle of Portland in West Dorset.

The Foodies have finally arrived in Torquay especially at the new Abbey Crescent development well worth a visit. Other notable restaurants are The Elephant with it’s Michelin One Star, The Orange Tree and Number 7 Restaurants being recognised in the Michelin Guide.

Torquay has 3 State funded Grammar schools Torquay Grammar school for Boys, Torquay Grammar School for Girls, Churston Ferrers Grammar school and The Spires College bilateral school all offering places for students who are clever enough to pass the 11+ Exam. A mention has to also be made to the very good St Cuthbert Mayne school which was the very first joint Roman Catholic and C of E school to be created in the Country.

Living by the Sea also has great health benefits as the sea air is good for sleep as the air is cleaner and fresher and has more oxygen. The waves can relax and soothe the brain as it clears the mind and strengthens the immune system. All these benefits have given the residents of Torquay a greater life expectancy with many living into their late 80’s and 90’s with many living past 100

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful resort.

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