The Royal Court Apartments are very important in the World of pop music history. Why?

The reason is it that it was the first overnight stay of The Beatles at the  former Royal Hotel Teignmouth on the Magical Mystery Tour.

The Psychedelic Tour started on September 11th 1967 , at the time the Fab Four were still reeling from the death of their Manager Brian Epstein and thought the tour would develop The Beatles Consciousness.

The plan was to travel from London to the West Country making a film of the adventure and all the experiences with no script.

The brand new Bedford Val coach registration URO 913E left London on September 11th 1967 with Paul McCartney on board with family members some loyal fans and a few actors.

They headed to Virginia Water, Surrey, where they picked up  John, George and Ringo who lived nearby. On to Basingstoke where everybody got off at the Pied Piper restaurant for a well earned lunch.

Each of the 43 travellers received a crisp £5 note off Ian, The Beatles road manager, as holiday spending money. Five Pounds is the equivelant in today’s money to £155, mind you a pint of beer then was only 9p.

The Beatles arrived at The Royal Hotel overlooking the Den Teignmouth at 9pm to be greeted by over 400 fans. However, the Beatles weren’t on the coach as they had swapped to a car on the outskirts of the town and entered the hotel through the rear doors.

They signed autographs and did a press release in their room to keep everybody happy had a lovely meal and then a few drinks and bed.

In the morning they woke up had a hearty breakfast and then back on the coach heading to Newquay as a base for the rest of the tour returning to London Friday September 15th 2018.

Ahhhh nice trip

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