A dangerous spider has recently been spotted in Torquay!

People in Torquay have been advised to stay calm after a Brazillian Wandering Spider was spotted in Cary Park.

Ryan Trent, from Torquay, saw the spider running behind a tree last Thursday while he was walking his dog, and another dog walker, who wishes to remain anonymous, also saw the huge arachnid.

“I was just walking my dog, and all of a sudden, this huge beast just jumped out from behind a tree. I tried to take a photo but by the time I had my phone out, it was already gone. I looked up spiders on the internet and was shocked to see that it was the most dangerous species in the world!” Said Ryan.

Locals have been urged to stay calm, as the spider is only responsible for a few bites a year, and a small percentage of them are fatal.

Frightened locals have been avoiding the park and have been walking their dogs on Walls Hill instead, with many people wondering how the spider managed to get here.

Out of all the venomous spiders in the world, the Brazillian Wandering Spider is thought to be the most dangerous. The wild animal could have been released as a pet.

Or it could have made its way over in an imported box of fruit from South America.

Liam Bennett, spider expert, said “Even though it’s possible that a Brazillian Wandering Spider may be on the loose, it’s highly unlikely that it would harm anybody. If you see it, keep away from it and give it some space and it’s unlikely to attack.”

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