After a couple of days of heavy snow over the weekend, most of us have probably been affected negatively in some way. Whether we haven’t been able to work or had trouble being able to get to the shop, or struggled to make appointments at the hospital or doctors, the snow can be a right pain in the ass. However, it doesn’t come without its benefits.

The main benefit is that when it snows heavily, the area looks beautiful. Some of the images I’ve seen wouldn’t look out of place on a Christmas postcard.

Although it’s nice to see photos of the snow all over social media, one local man has gone further than that.

Local photographer Sam Austin (check out his website here) used his drone to take a breathtaking video of some of the area while it was covered in snow. Alhough fairly short, the video captures Oldway Mansion and its gardens, as well as a great aerial view of some of Paignton’s roads and the

I’m a big fan of drones, and here’s why. My only advice to Sam would be to make the video longer next time. There’s so much of the bay to see!

Sam Austin Photography

Sam runs his own photography business in Torbay and has many happy clients in the area. Whether you need a professional photographer for a wedding, sports team or products for a website, Sam is your man!

He also has a drone service available which this fantastic video was shot with.

get in touch with him on 07557 406983

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