Residents of Abbey Road were last night treated to an impromptu air show close to midnight, as the police ambulance was deployed to save the day.

NPAS Exeter’s tweet below explains why the helicopter was deployed..

Unless this male was making threats to actually blow up Abbey Road, then what are the police doing sending the helicopter out for this incident. In other news, no one is shocked that the police have no money.

If the helicopter was not enough to subdue a 24 year old making threats in the street, then not to worry. There was also a team on the ground with police dogs and tasers.

If we were back in the 50s, a constable would have given the little scallywag a clip round the earhole and sent him on his way and that would have been the end of it. Not trying to make Torquay look like the scene of a Michael Bay film.

Next time you get your handbag stolen or someone vandalises your car and the police take 5 days to respond to it, look at situations like these to find out why.

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