Unless you’ve been living in a snowed-in cave for the past few days (I wouldn’t put it past a lot of you), you’ll have seen a campaign starting in Torquay hitting the national news.

Ashley Sims’ fight to get rid of fake homeless professional begging gangs is commendable, as it means who are really in need of help have a better chance of receiving it.

To those of you who haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, please take a look at this post on Devon Live.

I’m all for doing things to help people who genuinely need help, so a big well done to Ashley for what he has achieved so far with his campaign.

We miss Glen

When it comes to talk about homelessness in Torquay, which there has been a lot of lately, one name comes to mind before all others – the legendary Glen Skinner.

To those of you who don’t know, Glen was a homeless person in Torquay who used to entertain the locals with his beat-boxing and his generally larger-than-life character.

Many drunken revellers had mind-blowing conversations with Glen that might have changed their lives.

Glen was a champion of relieving us of our unwanted shrapnel at the end of a night out – who wants to wake up with 1p and 2p coins in our pocket?

There was the occasional story about him acting anti-socially towards people, but I never saw anything like that. I think it’s universally known that Glen Skinner did more good for the people of Torquay than he did bad.

Sadly, Glen’s antics saw him banned from the area a few years back now, and I think he moved on to Exeter, only for him to be banished to Bristol not long after.

For a while, this confused me, as I had spoken to Glen on many occasions cheerfully and he always seemed like salt of the earth.

But now it seems obvious – Glen was forced out of Torquay by these professional begging types.

To anyone who’s listening – don’t you think it’s time Glen came home?

Glen Skinner – the hero that Torquay wants, needs and deserves.

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