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Most people have now heard about the tragic death of Caroline Flack and the circumstances surrounding it. 

We’ll never fully know how much the media contributed to this horrendous incident, but we know for a fact that they didn’t help.

Although Facebook statuses and public declarations of our disgust mean well, the only way to stop this kind of intrusion into the lives of famous people is to stop making it so financially rewarding. 

For that reason, a number of local businesses (in Torbay and further) have started to stop putting tabloids and gossip mags in their places of business from now on. 

This is an amazing small gesture that, if it gathers momentum and becomes a movement, can send a clear message to these publications that we’ve had enough. 

Whether or not we’ve all been guilty in the past of reading an article about someone and then commenting on them (I know I have), sadly it’s taken a tragic death to make us realise just how much damage it can cause. 

We urge every salon or place that regularly makes gossip magazines available for customers to read to stand with the rest of the movement and stop placing them there. 

Hopefully this is the start of changes that have to be made to improve our society for the better. 

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