A local Torquay photographer is a hero after using his First Aid training to save a person’s life.

Glenn Cresser, of Cresser Photography, was driving along a local dual carriageway approaching traffic lights when he noticed a stationary van on the inside lane.

When he overtook the van, he noticed that the driver was slumped at the wheel.

He then pulled over and ran to the van to find that an older gentleman had collapsed at the wheel of his van and had no response.

There was a young passenger in the van who was already on the phone to the ambulance service but was a little confused about where he was and what to do, so Glenn informed him what to say.

Glenn and his wife then took the man out of his van and confirmed that he wasn’t breathing, so Glenn began CPR.

Other First Aiders then arrived on the scene and whilst one did the rescue breaths, Glenn carried on with the compressions until the ambulance arrived.

The paramedics then attached an AED (automated extended defibrilator) to the gentleman. A shock was delivered and CPR was continued.

By now, the paramedics had a ventilating tube in the man’s mouth as well as various needles.

After around 4 rounds of CPR he started breathing for himself and was taken to hospital by the parametics.

Later that afternoon, Glenn had a call from the paramedics praising him for his actions. The paramedic explained that the man had regained consciousness but had Glenn not being there, the outcome could have been completely different.

Glenn has been delivering First Aid training for 4 years, but this was the first time he’s had to use it in a real life situation. It goes to show just how important the training is and that you might to use your First Aid knowledge when you least expect it.

I asked Glenn to make a comment on the incident. He told Torquay Online…

“This goes to show that training through the workplace has its place in the home and public domain, and never be afraid to use it. It’s true what they say, it just comes back and you know what to do.

Please everyone, keep your First Aid up to date, you never know when and where you’ll need it.”

Well done to Glenn for his quick thining and heroic actions! For anyone looking to take First Aid training, British Red Cross do a training course. Take a look at their website to find out more.

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