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Here at Torquay we love to publish stories about local people doing great things in business. Whether that’s someone who has been running their business for years or just starting out, we like to share good news about them.

This feature is about a business that has been running since the start of this year.

Led By Love (Facebook page – give it a like to show your support) was set up by Christina White who lives in Torquay. They create handmade cards and gifts for all occasions. All cards are handmade and personalised by Christina if you want to send something that you can’t find on the high street.

When you’re looking to find a greetings card for someone on the high street, you have to choose between cards that have all been mass produced. By using Led By Love, not only are you supporting local business, but you are guaranteeing that the card your loved one receives is completely unique.

I recently asked Christina a few questions about her business, and here’s what she had to say…

How did Led By Love come about?

I got into starting the business because I found myself completely lost at the beginning of the year, having gone through some difficult life set backs.

I thought to myself I can either mope around or do something to distract myself, so I started creating cards and gifts to do just that, and Led By Love was born. Since I started I have had lots of support from friends and family which has been amazing.

What is the most rewarding part of running your business?

Without a doubt the most rewarding part is people’s reactions to their cards or gifts. Epecially seeing customers’ photographs in their homes or being sent a message to say one of your items made someone cry with happiness. I feel privileged to be a part of that!

What’s the most difficult part of it?

The most difficult part of it has been making the decisions and trying to get it up and running from essentially nothing. Also, the fact that nobody knows about a small business where you are taking orders and getting your name known and making an impression.

Any plans to grow in the near future?

I intend to continue expanding and making more card/gift options available to my wonderful customers as occasions are all year round!

What advice would you have for someone in Torbay looking to start a business?

My advice would be if you put the time and effort in and actually believe it will work then it’s worth a try.

Ask for honest feedback but don’t make it detrimental to the decisions you make. Oh and we learn as we go like most things in life!

Finally, what is your favourite thing about living in Torquay?

We have so many beaches dotted around many country parks. If you look for the beauty you will see it here, but it shouldn’t be too hard!

Not to mention how supportive local people have been in helping me including other local businesses!

Thank you Christina for answering our questions and congratulations on what you’ve achieved so far.

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