It’s hard to think that anything good can come out of the global pandemic but if you are a creative locked out of your regular business, which in Tee’s case is photography,( you look for other ways to keep creating. And this is how Silent Rituals came to life.

Tee, the owner of this small, handmade jewellery business celebrates her little victory of 500 followers on Instagram launching her new collection called Artisan.

“I create very unique and elegant pieces available to anyone really, proving that beautiful, inimitable, handmade pieces don’t have to be expensive. I work with clay, resin, metals, freshwater pearls, sea glass, and stone. Every piece is different and made out of the pure joy of creating which I can then share. That’s pretty incredible really. Seeing others wearing my jewellery is definitely a special and one of a kind feeling.

Also, all the love and support received online gives me lots of motivation” she says.

“I have few collections ready so I believe every women can find something she will be happy wearing, regardless of occasion or if she stays in or can actually go out and show it off. I even prepared a wedding collection with freshwater pearls, silver and gold plated metals to connect with my wedding photography clients”. And you don’t have to be a bride to wear those!

But thats not all. Tee has asked a couple of her friends, also local creatives and business owners like Paignton based nail artist Zoe Lavender and model and singer Karma Zita to help her with the launch by inviting them to take a part in the project.

“Taking the advantage of the weakening of restrictions we came together a few weeks ago for a quick photoshoot to showcase what we have to offer. It was refreshing and fun for all of us to be able to work together on something and have that feeling of achievement.

This made me rediscover the joy of collaborating, working together, and achieving our goals as a team of people who contribute in different but equal ways, growing our businesses and developing as an entrepreneur, showcasing to the wider audience, and having fun at the same time.”

And she doesn’t want to stop there! Tee now wants to create a network of women entrepreneurs creating opportunities together and help each other grow. If you feel like you can contribute and collaborate with others, share the mindset, and are passionate about your business then get in touch with Tee on

To shop for Tee’s unique jewelry and to follow for updates and give aways go to

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