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Here at Torquay Online, we like to celebrate local business as much as we can. Because the last year or so has been a little bit up in the air at times, we haven’t been able to run a business man or woman of the month award as often as we’d like. This month however, these awards are back.

The Torquay Online Business Woman of the Month for June 2021 is Demi Keenan. Demi runs Demi Keenan Interiors, who, in their own words…

“DK Interiors offer concept design, space planning, floor planning, floor plans, sourcing materials, products and furniture, 3D visuals/renders (great to show clients the design and layout before the fitout is complete), purchasing, and project management.”

Demi has been running the business for 5 years in the UK and around 16 years abroad! Find Demi’s website here and Facebook page here!


I recently asked Demi a few questions about how she came about starting the business and the running of it. here’s what she had to say…

How did you get into starting the business?

I’ve had my own business for many years and moved back from living in the Philippines (for 18 years) around 5 and a half years ago, so just rebranded my Interiors business here to start again.

What is the most rewarding part of running your own business?

I love the drive it gives me, using my initiative to better myself and move forward, pushing my boundaries and figure how to do sales, marketing, training and well, everything myself.

I’ve now handed the accounting over as better to leave that to a professional!

I absolutely love meeting new clients and transforming their properties, stepping back and say ‘ah I did that’ and seeing how happy they are as it really changes lives not just the spaces. Being creative, designing a space playing with software to see how to better a property, sourcing amazing materials, and seeing how I can do wonders for a space really makes me happy.

I also love working with my fab team of tradespeople and having a coffee with a friend at whatever time of the day because I can! (pre and post covid obviously).

I love the famous saying of ‘if you do a job you love you never work a day of your life’, I truly feel blessed, grateful and very lucky.

What has been the most difficult part of it?

I honestly don’t see any difficulties in my job, my famous words are if there is a problem then how can we solve it! In my industry there is always a trade that I can call upon to help out, so Im lucky.

Any plans to expand in the future?

I have recently taken on a wonderful work experience lady which is lovely. Its fab to have a like minded person to brainstorm with and share ideas and excitement of a project with and work on it together!

Any advice to young people in the area looking to start a business?

Don’t give up! Determination will get you everywhere. Also networking, networking is an amazing way of getting your business out there with people who also have independent business, so a great way not just to should about your business but also learn about other peoples business.

It’s lovely to meet so many likeminded people and its very much a support system too. Its also great to be able to connect others too to help them out where possible.

At the moment its all online of course which is great, but I cant wait until we can attend meetings in person again. I have met so many amazing people through networking and many have now become very good friends.

What’s your favourite thing about Torquay?

I love most things about Torquay! Its such a beautiful place to live, surrounded by greenery, woods and beautiful beaches, and friendly people, what more could anyone want!

Thank you so much Demi for taking the time to answer our questions, and a massive congratulations on what you’ve achieved so far! Find Demi’s website here and Facebook page here!

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