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You only have to take a walk around Torquay Town these days to realise just how popular tattoos have become. At least half of the people under 30 will be sporting ink of some sort.

Some tattoos are awesome. Some tattoos have deep meaning. Some tattoos are about happy memories. Sadly though, some of us decide to get a tattoo that at some point, we’d like to get rid of. Whether it’s a passing trend or even the name of someone, a lot of people regret their choice of tattoo at a younger age.

Luckily, there are businesses in the bay who can get rid of your unwanted tattoos within a few sessions. This business feature is about a recently opened one.

Regret Me Not – Laser Tattoo has recently been set up by Torquay local Layla Bennett. They offer laser tattoo removal as well as Carbon Laser Facials, Carbon Laser Back, Carbon Laser Décolletage,  removal of age spots, melasma, freckles and pigmentation.

She recently took the time, in her own words, to explain how she became qualified in removing your unwanted tattoos…

“I’m a qualified trained specialist in laser tattoo removal. 

After successfully completing a qualification in Aesthetic Laser IPL Core Of Knowledge with Intermed Clinical Ltd, I then went on to complete training in an Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Masterclass at the Lorena Oberg Skincare Academy in London. Lorena Oberg is one of the leading experts in aesthetic laser technology.

I have many years experience within the beauty industry. Whilst working as a PA in semi-permanent make-up, I encountered many clients who had been subjected to mistakes made by tattoo artists. Because of that, I decided to research the different techniques use to remove ink pigment from the skin. From there, I discovered Q Switched Laser Technology was the most effective and safest way to remove ink without damaging surrounding skin tissue. I have a Derma Erase Machine that is very effective at removing the ink but is also very mild to the skin.”

If you have a tattoo that you’re thinking of getting rid of, give Layla and Regret Me Not a call. Their phone number is 07990 069233 and here’s a link to their Facebook page.

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