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It’s October – which mean the year is in its final quarter, and of course, a new business man and woman of the month!

This month’s busniess man of the month is Danny Walsh – who runs Walsh Removals (Facebook page)

Walsh Removals are available for House Moves, Item Pickup & Delivery, Waste Removals (with full carrier licence), Green Waste Removal and more. If you need any of these services, give them a call on 07445 698061.

I recently asked Dan a few questions about his business and how Walsh Removals came to be…Here’s what he had to say.

How long has the business been running for?

Walsh Removals is now in its sixth year. We started as a man and van service but then quickly developed into a larger company. We now not just offer deliveries but also provide short and long distance house moves, packing services, waste removal, house and garage clearances and many more! We’ve come a long way from being Dan with a van!

How did you get into starting the business?

When starting a business, you need to know what your niche in the industry will be. People will always require certain services and this business was one that I knew would grow so it was a good idea to run with.

What is the most rewarding part of running your own business?

The most rewarding part has to be customer satisfaction. Seeing a customer move into their new home and being part of their journey is amazing. When it comes to waste removal, knowing that we are helping the customer gain much needed space, seeing the relief in their faces is rewarding. With the packing service, when our customers have busy lives, being able to leave the hard work to our professional staff, the customer is able to trust that they are in good hands. Knowing that every job helps someone on their way is rewarding enough.

What has been the most difficult part of it?

Expansion has been the most difficult to date. Due to our excellent reputation, we get a lot of word-of-mouth recommendations. This means our demand is growing daily and with that comes extra staff needs, extra vehicles and running a busy business 7 days a week. This is obviously the joys of self-employment but also comes with a cost of taking up every day of your life.

Any plans to expand in the future?

We are constantly expanding every day. We have short- and long-term goals we are striving to achieve. This includes a bigger fleet of vans, extra services, more staff and building more of a national reputation.

Any advice to young people in the area looking to start a business?

To any aspiring young businesspeople, you must ensure you know everything about the industry you are going into. This includes looking at other reputable companies who are already doing what you would like to provide. Having a clear indication of your finances and building a strong team around you; knowing that you need to embrace support and not do it on your own.

Running a business will come at a cost of your own personal time but the rewards can be fantastic if you truly apply yourself. Most people who start a business need to consider a paradigm shift as the way they think may require a new and different stance.

I would also highly recommend seeking a mentor and working alongside other people in the industry to get a better idea of how you could run your business with a unique selling point.

What’s your favourite thing about Torquay?

Torquay has a wonderful community. It has some beautiful properties with fantastic views. When the sun is shining, Torquay is absolutely stunning. At night-time the place transforms into a hub of life. Torquay is a highly reputable tourist destination and we have run successfully a
as one of the best removal companies in the Bay.

Thanks Danny for taking the time to answer our questions and congratulations with all you’ve achieved so far!

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