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This month, instead of running the regular “business person of the month” award, we’ve decided to split it and award it to a man and a woman separately. This is mainly because there are only 12 months, and way more than 12 inspirational business people in Torbay.

This months, and the first Torquay Online business man of the month is local photographer and videographer Lee Brewer.

To be awarded business person of the month (or man of the month in this case), you have to have an excellent reputation in the area for whatever you do. Lee is well known throughout the area for the quality of his photography work.

Lee runs Lee Brewer Photography and Film. They focus massively on weddings and also professional promotional videos for businesses. They also have a studio. I recently asked Lee a few questions about how he ended up running his business…

What initially interested you about photography?

I’ve always had an interest and like to think a creative eye. It began as a hobby and it just blossomed from there. I shot my first wedding for a friend and it just went from there.

How long has the business been running for?

I’ve been running this solely now for a year but we started covering weddings about 3 years ago.

What is the most rewarding part of running your own business?

Capturing memories and seeing people’s faces when you return their photos and they love them!

What has been the most difficult part of it?

It’s a very demanding job at times and you can meet some challenging, demanding customers. It’s key to just stay calm and work with them.

Any plans to expand in the future?

Always! We have ten people working with us now but I want to double that within the next two years.

Any advice to young people in the area looking to start a business?

Do it! It’s hard work and you have to put everything in, but it’s so nice being your own boss. 

Thanks Lee for taking the time to talk to us. If you have an upcoming wedding, event or you have a business that you’d like a promotional video made for, get in touch with Lee today. Take a look at their Facebook page and see their impressive work.

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