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As we are getting closer to 2019 and the end of our first year as Torquay Online, people are looking to wind down and start preparing for Christmas. There’s still a bit of time left for Torquay businesses to see out the year, and we have time to celebrate local people who have done a great job in business this year.

The last business man of the month award this month goes to the owner of Western Plastering Specialists, James Western.

Western Plastering Specialists was founded by James’ dad when he was younger.  After leaving school, James joined the family business and has been plastering ever since. James’ dad has since left the business to become South Devon College’s first ever plastering tutor, leaving James in charge of the family business.

Since taking over, James and his team have covered hundreds of plastering projects in the area, leaving a number of happy customers.

I recently asked James a few questions about running his business and if he has any advice for anyone looking to go out on their own.

He said the most rewarding part of running his own business is when a customer is impressed and grateful with his work. Sometimes, the condition of the walls are so bad that customers are really surprised at how well they look when they’re finished. Also, the process of training people up to become a tradesperson is especially rewarding.

The most difficult part so far was starting up and getting his name out there as a good, reliable plasterer. They’ve worked hard to build and maintain their reputation and now the work flows nicely.

Over the next couple of years they’re looking to expand by adding at least one more qualified plasterer and train another person so they can take on more work and keep up with demand.

I asked James if he had any advice for a young person looking to go into business or a trade. In his own words,

“If I could give a young future tradesperson any advice it would be to work hard and stick at it. It’s hard at first but eventually, if you keep doing a good job, people will come to you first.

You are only as good as your last job. pride and attention to detail should always come before leaving an hour early. That extra hour making sure things are perfect can really make the difference.

Good luck to anyone starting at the bottom of the ladder looking to make their way up.”

That’s good advice from James, and congratulations for winning this month’s award. If you need a plasterer in Torbay, get in touch with James and his team. give them a call on 07926 549128, or get in touch through their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/westernplasteringspecialists/


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