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Welcome to the newest member of the Bay to Z – Splendid Paws Photography – see their Facebook page here. Visit their website here. Splendid Paws are owned by Samantha Manley and have been running since October last year, and in her own words…

“My name is Samantha and I am a professional pet photographer based in the South West and Torbay area of the UK.

Are you looking for some professional photos of your furry friend either as gifts or memories at an affordable price? Then look no further.

I provide a patient service where I will get to know you and your furry friend and even let them do the zoomies before I take any photos.

Even though this is a new venture for me, I have received positive feedback and will make sure to capture your furry friends unique personality.

I am also calm and will never rush photos so everything will be done at both you and your friends pace.

If you want to book me, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message or book through my website.”

**On an added note, Samantha is also going to be setting up a new venture for business branding photography, so watch this space.**

I recently asked Samantha some questions about her business – here’s what she had to say!

How did you get into starting the business?

With my pet photography, I actually used to be really jumpy of any and every dog that would go near me but not sure why.

I decided to get into doing pet photography in September last year before doing it properly in October.

I am now obsessed with dogs and I love to create memories for people especially if their dogs are older or as gifts.

What is the most rewarding part of running your own business?

Seeing how happy my photos make people. It’s so nice and rewarding to see them get permanent memories of their furry friends even for when they eventually pass away.

What has been the most difficult part of it?

The most difficult parts for me even still are the confidence of reaching out to people and also the issue of pricing and finding the best price that my work is worth.

Any plans to expand in the future?

I would love to expand in the future as I am now pivoting into Brand Photography to help out local businesses in the pet world but also a range of others to help them get more clients and make it a lot less stressful for them on the plus side.

Any advice to young people in the area looking to start a business?

Well I am still learning myself so it’s hard to give advice personally but as long as you are passionate about your business and dedicated to put yourself out there doing something you love, go for it.

If you told my younger self that I would be going into pet photography, I would’ve laughed and definitely not believed you.

What’s your favourite thing about Torquay?

Well I’ve lived here my whole entire life and I like that loads of people are really welcoming and accepting.

Thank you Samantha and congratulations with what you’ve achieved so far 🙂

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