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It’s been a while since we’ve posted for obvious reasons, but we hope you’re all keeping well during this difficult situation.

When we first started over 2 years ago now, we regularly celebrated local businesses by posting a monthly award for a business man and a business woman who have been doing amazing things in the area. We are now going to re-start this monthly feature!

Our first business man of the month in the new era is Chris Taylor. Chris runs Taylor Signs Ltd.

They offer a number of design an print services such as personalised gifts, workwear, garments,  signboards, vehicle sign writing and much more. They have a great reputation for being affordable and effective. Check out their Facebook page here.

Chris has been running the business for 5 years now.

We recently asked Chris a few questions about his business… Here’s what he had to say…..

How did you get into running the business?

I got into the business working for a family member and being laid off by them.

What’s the most rewarding part of running your own business?

The most rewarding is getting out what you put into it but also being able to be with my family when I want and know that all that I build up I will be able to give to my kids one day to give them a better life.

What’s the most challening part?

Most difficult part is the hours I have to put in sometimes meaning I’m away from my family or not being at a school play because I’m just too busy to be there.

Any plans to expand on the horizon?

We are currently expanding with some very state of the art machinery and doubling printers so we can meet the demand of order we have and in a quicker time.

There is nothing printing wise we can’t do in house so we don’t need to outsource anything.

Any tips for someone looking to start their own business in the Bay?

Really look into what you are doing – check the market around you and don’t go cheaper than competitors to try and get there work. It doesn’t keep you in business long and devalues the whole industry you are going into.

What’s your favourite thing sbout Torbay?

Favourite thing in torquay is the fresh air,beaches and amazing scenery.

We are surrounded by water and the moors, what else could you ask for?

Thanks Chris, and congratulations! Do you have anyone you’d like to nominate for our business man/woman of the month award? contact editor@torquayonline.com now!


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