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CWB Decorating

Over 30 Years Experience, Apprenticeship Served, Interior & Exterior, Fully Insured, Domestic & Commercial, Wallpaper Hanging, Quality Finish Painting.

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07966 746950

Here’s what some of CWB Decorating’s Customers Say about them…

We have used Chris on a number of occasions both in our current property and our previous one. He has also done lots of work for my Mum and if he is good enough for my Mum, he is good enough for anyone. Really tidy worker and the end result is always top notch. Would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Chris Mabbutt

I would highly recommend Chris. His attention to detail and eye for design is spot on. I wouldn’t use anyone else for my decorating needs.

Charlie Novak

Highly recommend. Thanks for a brilliant job.

Louise Crathorne