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Clair Jackson Hair & Make up

Clair offers a range of professional hair services.
She has a degree in colouring hair.
She has over 25 years experience in exclusive salons.

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Here’s what some of Clair’s customers have said about her…

Clair was the nicest person and my hair was amazing! I also had fab makeup done by her. She also did a great job of my mum’s and bridesmaid’s hair. She was so accommodating and just lovely throughout the entire experience!

Victoria Burns

Claire is amazing stylist. Would recommend her 100%

Lynn Richards

Yes she did a fantastic job of my hair on Monday it looked fantastic thank you for making me look so good I would highly recommend her to do you’re hair

Jane Gill

Thank you Clair, so much, for helping me & my 50th birthday party guests get ready for my roaring 20’s celebration 🍾 🍾🍾🍾🍾 you did an amazing job and made my birthday extra special

Samantha Rodriguez