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Something has to be done to the empty and neglected terrace of empty buildings and shops in the heart of Torquay that have been like this for almost 8 years.

They are in a truly awful and shocking state. It’s a total embarassment to all of us, and it’s an insult to the Tourists and many foreign students who choose to come to stay,learn and spend in our beautiful bay.

Since March 2016, 2,200 jobs have been created in the resort. Torbay will only thrive if the economy thrives, it’s all about securing the most favourable outcome and this is being driven by the private and public sectors.

The new 26 million pound Torwood St. development that is planned will consist of a 113 bed Hotel, 3 new Restaurants, 3 offices and a Gym when complete.

Hilton Hotels want to build there and up to 410 jobs will be created. The Hotel will be a Hampton Hilton as Hilton aquired the American Hampton group in 1999.

Hampton Hilton Hotels have 2,300 hotels worldwide in 20 countries such as the United States, Dubai, China, Latin Americas, Canada and Europe so it’s a well tested and successful brand.

The first International Hampton Hotel was opened way back in 1993 at Niagra Falls in Ontario, Canada. Most of the hotels are independently owned and operated through franchises.

Hampton Hiltons are moderately priced, upper midscale hotels, with limited food and beverage facilities, so the 3 new restaurants that are planned within the development will be a welcome addidition to the main hotel.

Lets hope everything gets started soon. Come on everybody in charge, pull your fingers out.

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