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Once a month, we are writing a feature to celebrate the young business talent in the bay. This award goes to people who are exceeding expectations at work and putting the bay on the map. The only criteria for this award is that you are 30 or under and are excellent in your profession.

This month the award goes to Clay Bond, owner of CBTiling. Since Clay started the business, he’s gained a reputation in the area for being the best at what he does. As well as working on a number of great projects in the area, his work has also been nationally recognised.

I recently interviewed Clay about his business and how CB Tiling has become a success story.

Clay started out as a professional football player and played for a few teams in the UK and abroad. After deciding he didn’t want to play anymore, he learnt the basics of tiling from his brother who was in the trade at the time.

He’s been tiling for the past 10 years, but set up his business in June 2017. CB Tiling specialise in all aspects of tiling and pride themselves on being the best in the business. They have grown to six employees currently, and Clay mentioned how having a good team is the key to success.

CB Tiling have worked on a number of projects in the local area, but they also worked on a huge job in the Lake District which brought them national recognition in Premier Hospitality Magazine. They’ve also recently completed a job on a £3m house in Holcombe.

Clay’s advice to anyone wanting to start their own business is that you need to be willing to work extremely hard. He also says that you need some money behind you to get it started.

**Do you know someone local in business who is killing it? Email to recommend someone for next month’s award.**


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