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For the past three months, Torquay Online has been choosing an inspirational person in business in the area to write about and try to inspire others to succeed in the area. By coincidence, all of these people have so far being men. For July, we are celebrating our first female winner of the award, and it’s very well deserved.

Alexis Robertson owns Polished , a friendly beauty salon with an excellent reputation. They are located on 25\27 Old Mill Road in Chelston and here is their Facebook page.

polished torquay

Alexis recently took the time to talk about her business, so hopefully someone out there who is looking to start a business finds it helpful.

Polished offers all kinds of beauty treatments. This includes microblading, hair, botox, lip fillers and laser lipo. They have been open since July 26th 2011 (almost 7 years) and have a really strong client base. Just a quick look on their Facebook page shows that they have almost 2,000 likes and 55 5 star reviews (not even 1 4 star). This is an amazing achievement for a small business and it means Alexis and her team do a brilliant job.

Alexis’ reasoning behind starting Polished was that she always wanted to start her own business so she just decided to take the leap and go for it. There are now 6 employees but Alexis is hoping to expand in the near future. Alexis loves running the business so doesn’t find it hard, although it can be quite difficult if a member of staff is off sick.

Alexis’ advice to young people looking to go into business for themselves:

“Don’t ever give up or think you can’t do it. With hard work and determination, you can do anything.”

That’s some great advice to anyone looking to start up on their own in the Torbay area.

Massive congratulations to Alexis and her team for winning this month’s award. If you know of anyone in the area who is doing well in business, email to nominate them for next month’s award.




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